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WhatsApp Business for companies

These solutions improve customer communication

The widely used instant messaging service WhatsApp can not only be used for informal communication with customers, but also provides special solutions for companies. One is the free "WhatsApp for Business", which is primarily aimed at small companies, and the other is the enterprise version "WhatsApp Business API", which is part of Meta Platforms' portfolio. The latter is the professional and privacy-compliant solution for larger companies. This article summarizes everything worth knowing about WhatsApp Business: how it works, what advantages WhatsApp offers for companies and when which solution should be chosen.

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If you have a good and direct connection to Facebook, you can access the WhatsApp API with your own IT infrastructure, your own servers and the corresponding software or CRM integration. Suitable for companies with very individual requirements and many developer resources.
Working with a WhatsApp business solution provider involves fewer requirements for the company's IT infrastructure. However, corresponding IT resources and a team of developers are still required.
Another option is to use the services of a software-as-a-service provider. Then a fast and data protection-compliant use of the WhatsApp Business API is possible without having to have specific IT resources.
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