Design Trends 2020

How graphic design of websites plays an important role for success

The graphic design of websites plays an important role for success. The optical design provides the first, often lasting impression for visitors. Many certainly know the feeling when a website gives the impression of being outdated. Often this is exclusively due to the graphic design. The technical progress opens up new possibilities. So there are clear trends again in 2020.

Whether web design or print media: For a long time, standardized fonts defined the basic rules for a professional appearance. With the beginning of digitalisation, certain fonts were established as the norm and shaped the landscape. From headlines to continuous text, this unwritten law prevailed. In recent years, the simple integration of web fonts via services such as Google Fonts or has loosened up this thinking. At the latest with the current design trends, the boring standard font has come to an end.
Fortunately, because the individualized typeface offers great creative freedom. Individualized type leaves room for creativity, artistic freedom or the presentation of your own brand. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. As part of the company logo, on products or in parts of your own website - everywhere, customized letters within classic fonts attract attention and create focus. With an individual letter the reading flow is disturbed. The user who spends a few seconds on the website is forced to read his message more consciously.
The individualized font can also flow smoothly into the graphic design. Objects that are set as letters or designed to match a brand are just two examples of creative use. Brand associations can also be cleverly created in this way.